Computer Vision

  • Image and Video Analysis: Implement computer vision algorithms to automate image and video analysis tasks, such as object detection, facial recognition, and quality inspection.
  • Retail Analytics: Leveraging computer vision to optimize store performance, customer experiences, and inventory management.
  • Autonomous Quality Inspection: Automating defect detection and quality control processes using computer vision algorithms.
  • Infrastructure Monitoring: Utilizing computer vision to assess, maintain, and ensure the safety of critical infrastructure assets.

Success Stories

Case Study 1: Retail Industry - AI-Powered Visual Search and Product Recognition

Client: Online Fashion Retailer

Challenge: The client, an online fashion retailer, faced challenges in enhancing the shopping experience for its customers and improving product discovery on its e-commerce platform.


Solution: Soluperts developed an AI-powered visual search and product recognition solution for the online fashion retailer. The solution leveraged computer vision technology to enable customers to search for products using images instead of text queries. It allowed users to upload photos of clothing items they liked or take pictures of outfits they found inspiring, and then find similar products available for purchase on the retailer’s website. The AI model analyzed the visual features of the images, such as colors, patterns, and styles, and matched them with relevant products from the retailer’s inventory. Additionally, the solution incorporated product recognition capabilities to identify specific items within images and provide direct links to purchase them.


Outcome: By implementing the AI-powered visual search and product recognition solution, the online fashion retailer achieved significant improvements in customer engagement, satisfaction, and conversion rates. The visual search feature enhanced the shopping experience by enabling customers to find products more easily and quickly, leading to higher levels of user satisfaction and retention. The product recognition capability also helped drive sales by offering seamless access to identified items within images, reducing friction in the purchasing process. Overall, the AI-powered solution became a valuable asset for the online fashion retailer, driving business growth and competitiveness in the retail industry.

Case Study 2: Automotive Industry - AI-Powered Vehicle Damage Assessment

Client: Auto Insurance Provider

Challenge: The client, an auto insurance provider, faced challenges in accurately assessing vehicle damage and processing insurance claims efficiently.


Solution: Soluperts developed an AI-powered vehicle damage assessment solution for the auto insurance provider. The solution utilized computer vision technology to analyze images of damaged vehicles and automatically assess the extent of the damage. It leveraged deep learning algorithms trained on a large dataset of vehicle damage images to identify and classify different types of damage, such as dents, scratches, and structural issues. The AI model provided detailed damage reports, including severity assessments and repair recommendations, to assist insurance adjusters in processing claims more quickly and accurately.


Outcome: By deploying the AI-powered vehicle damage assessment solution, the auto insurance provider achieved significant improvements in claims processing efficiency, customer satisfaction, and cost savings. The automated assessment of vehicle damage reduced the need for manual inspections and streamlined the claims handling process, leading to faster claim resolutions and reduced cycle times. Customers benefited from faster claim settlements and improved transparency in the assessment process, resulting in higher levels of satisfaction and loyalty. The AI-powered solution also enabled the insurance provider to optimize resource allocation and reduce operational costs associated with claims management, demonstrating the value of computer vision technology in the automotive industry.

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