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Our Services

AI Automation

AI Automation

Process Automation
Intelligent Document Processing
Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
AI Agents

AI Agents

Conversational AI Chatbots
Virtual Assistants
Voice-Enabled AI Agents
AI-Enabled Tailored Software

AI-Enabled Tailored Software

Custom AI Solutions
Predictive Analytics Software
AI-Driven Recommendation Engines
Large Language Model Services

Large Language Model Services

LLM Fine-Tuning
Custom LLM Development
LLM-Powered Chatbots and Virtual Assistants
Computer Vision

Computer Vision

Image and Video Analysis
Retail Analytics
Autonomous Quality Inspection
AI-Driven Optimization

AI-Driven Optimization

Supply Chain Optimization
Dynamic Pricing Optimization
AI Strategy and Consulting

AI Strategy and Consulting

AI Readiness Assessment
AI Roadmap Development
AI Training and Workshops
AI Digital Marketing Services

AI Digital Marketing Services

AI-Powered Ad Optimization
Predictive Customer Segmentation
AI-Driven Content Creation

Success Stories

AI Automation in Manufacturing

  • Client: Precision Gears Inc.
  • Problem: Manual quality inspection processes leading to high error rates and production delays.
  • Solution: Implemented an AI-powered visual inspection system to automatically detect defects and anomalies in manufactured components.
  • Result: Reduced defect rate by 85%, increased productivity by 25%, and achieved annual cost savings of $500,000.

AI Agents in Healthcare

  • Client: Healthwise Medical Center
  • Problem: Overburdened medical staff struggling to handle high volumes of patient inquiries and appointment scheduling.
  • Solution: Developed a conversational AI chatbot to handle routine patient inquiries, provide symptom assessment, and streamline appointment scheduling.
  • Result: Improved patient satisfaction by 30%, reduced call wait times by 60%, and increased staff efficiency by 40%.

AI-Enabled Software in Retail

  • Client: StyleHub Fashion Boutique
  • Problem: Difficulty in predicting customer preferences and optimizing inventory management.
  • Solution: Built a custom AI-driven recommendation engine and demand forecasting software to personalize product suggestions and optimize stock levels.
  • Result: Increased average order value by 20%, reduced stockouts by 35%, and improved customer retention rate by 15%.

Why Growing Businesses Choose Soluperts as Their Al Partner?

Tailored Solutions

Tailored Solutions

We don't believe in one-size-fits- all. Every solution is customized to your unique needs and objectives.


We thrive on pushing the boundaries of technology. Expect innovative solutions that set you apart from the competition


Our ultimate goal is to drive results for your business. We measure our success by your success.

Our Process

Understanding Issues, Crafting Solutions

We pinpoint areas within business where integrating AI can make a substantial difference in operations.

1-3 Weeks

Prototype Development

We illustrate the viability of the use case, presenting concrete proof of its real-world benefits-

2-6 Weeks

Solution Crafting

We construct a complete implementation, harnessing your data alongside our expertise to maximize results

10-12 Weeks

Rollout and Assistance

We implement and incorporate the solution, offering sustained support throughout.

4-6 weeks

Industries We Serve

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